Garanle here, urging everyone that wants a J5 Merc (Which are significantly better than the J1 mercs) to look up the quest line found here: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/eq:progression_through_seeds_of_destruction

You only need to do the Invasion of Earth: Section

Everyone that would like help needs to have the first quest done, it is a solo quest you pick up three items while invis turn them in and then walk to the second quest giver.  I will be willing to help, though my class has a research paper this semester that will consume a large amount of my time coming up.  Use this site to schedule a time for me to help you (I Have a 95 monk enchanter and shaman which run through the Warrens).  Post here if you would like help, I will be answering requests in the order they are received.  

In accepting help you should note that you may be asked to do quests in weird order.  Just because we have the ability to pull the entire zone doesnt mean we will.  I respect camps and lines for quests, if there are people waiting, for example, to do the hails for the second quest we may not kill the sents on the way out but may wait till the end to do that so that we can stay ahead of the line for the shocktroopers or other needed mobs.   Total time is about 2 hours can be significantly less depending on how we hit up the Scouts (Typically the bottle neck).  IF you only need the final mission (Kill something like 32 guys) let me know and We can get that done.  That takes about 15-20 mins, with a 95 J5 Caster set to full damage they will 2 hit most of the mobs in the instance.